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Our Mission:

To provide services and programs to individuals that are devoted to teaching, training, and transforming lives for the glory of God.

4HZ Glory Ministry is a faith-based ministry devoted to providing assistance to help individuals reach their spiritual and educational potential. It is a ministry that functions as a church without walls and is inspired by the observed need for solid Bible-based teaching.

Our goal is to be transformational in the lives of those we reach and will focus on the application of Bible in an effort to fill he gap between theology and daily living. For example, one of the trainings already developed is entitled: A Dressed Up Mess. As the title implies, this training challenges participants to look on the inside as a first towards living a fuller Christian life. The premise is that too many people focus on how they look on the outside while failing to clean up the inside.

4HZ Glory Ministry is a responsive and interactive ministry that is consistently ready to respond to requests for specific services in the community to include but not limited to: conferences, workshops, written materials, face book ministries, and development of personal devotions, etc. as long these requests are consistent with Ministry's mission statement.

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